About Me

Hilary Greer Burgandy (1)

Hilary is a born and bred NY actress coined as a Jackie O. type that leans more towards leather than cashmere. She loves her niche role as the lead's mom.

After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College, she worked for a production company behind the scenes. She is always game to lift equipment and do craft service! She just loves being onset.

Recently Hilary interned for JAC Casting, produced 2 features, and has been living the "regular" life of a working actor. In January she formed a working relationship with an amazing production company which she will announce soon.

She LOVES to foster dogs and dance around her living room as often as possible in her spare time. Favorite charities include City MealsASPCA, and Broadway Cares.

She continues to do script coverage and book editing in her spare time. For reviews, rates, and services, please click the button.