About Me


Hilary is a Born & Bred NY actress with a love of dogs and fear of bugs.

She has been coined as a Jackie O' type leaning more towards leather than cashmere. She loves her niche role as the lead's mom.

In her final years at Sarah Lawrence College she worked at a production company as a PA, stylist's assistant, and food stylist.

Upon graduating, she worked there for a few years until getting a job at a brokerage firm.

After 4 years, she happily went back to acting and never looked back.

Currently Hilary is interning at JPA Casting as well living the "regular" life of a working actor.

She LOVES to foster dogs and dance around her living room as often as possible in her spare time.

Favorite charities are https://www.citymeals.org/,https://www.aspca.org/, and https://broadwaycares.org/.