About Me


Hi there! I am born and bred NY actress that people say is a Jackie O. type that leans more towards leather than cashmere. And I just LOVE playing my niche role, The Lead's Mom.

I graduated from Sarah Lawrence College where I studied Music, Theater, and French Literature. So Useful!! Upon graduation I worked as a production assistant for a commercial production house and loved it. Special skills included coming up with creative ways to write the name and logo of the client out of food. Rules, Must Be Edible and Pretty!

Currently I have the privilege of working for the incredible Choice Films as production staff and background casting. I am learning TONS from my experience there. Such a gift! And, GREAT people. Plus, free lunch and you can't beat that.

I like to dance around my living room and eat anything smothered in hollandaise sauce as often as I can.

Favorite charities include City Meals and Broadway Cares.

Thank you for visiting my site! Have the most delightful day.

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