Hilary Greer

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Stalked By My Doctor The Return LeadDoug Campbell/Lifetime Channel
Iron Terry Malone SupportingTom Baldinger/Creative Alley
The Push SupportingWill Joines
The 5 Senses of Fear SupportingNick Everheart/Synthetic Cinema
Portrait of a Sister LeadKaren Teune
Secret Effect SupportingAnthoni Styvens/Apex Media Group
The Knot SupportingRebecca Schwab
The NeighborhoodRecurringWest Side Productions
GypsyCo-StarSam Taylor-Johnson / Netflix
WINSeries RegularHard 4 Productions
Montauk BoysSeries RegularAndrew Leitch / Brand Cinema
Full EngagedGuest StarRob Margolies / DifferentDuck
Alien DawnSeries RegularNickelodeon / Josh Crook
Help YourselfRecurringJohn Launchi / Running Puma
LA/NY/Boston Local Hire

BA in Liberal Arts, Sarah Lawrence College -- Bronxville, NY
Committed Impulse: Josh Pais / Sensory Work: Karen Giordano / Scene Study: Clark Middletown
AUDITION: Amy Jo Berman, Caryn West, Ted Sluberski, Bob Krakower
VOICE: Arturo Callegari, Peter Schlosser (legit, classical, pop)
DIALECTS: British, Cockney, Irish, Bronx, Boston, and Southern
VOCAL RANGE: 2nd Alto to 2nd Soprano

DANCE: Modern, Jazz, Salsa and Meringue
TelePrompTer, Food Styling, Kennel Technician, Dog Grooming and Handling
Excellent with Medical Jargon
Conversational French and Polish, Double-Jointed (extremely flexible), Yoga, Light Stunts---Hand to Hand, Falling, Jumping, Novice MMA